Walking the Footpaths of Upham

One of the many great things about living in Upham is the footpath network. This is particularly good around Upham, but there are also very large areas with no footpaths at all.

Apart from the usual OS maps, the Definitive Maps of Public Rights Of Way can be downloaded from the HCC website (maps 13.10, 13.11 & 14.11 cover Upham). The Definitive Statement descriptions of footpath, by number, can also be downloaded.

The footpaths were all walked early in the year by volunteers as part of a survey for OVOV. At the time most of the paths, gates and stiles were clear; details of the few problems found were passed to the Parish Council. Unfortunately, due to Hampshire County Council cutbacks and changes in land ownership, some of the footpaths are now becoming overgrown and brambles are spreading across from the hedges. Apart from the effect on walking, once these take root they are difficult to clear. As always maintenance is the key and it may be that some of this work, with the landowners’
permission, could be carried out by volunteers.

If you think you may be interested in helping with this please contact Paul Swanwick on 860435. Any problems found when walking the paths should be reported to HCC ROW; also, the Ramblers have produced a smartphone app which allows you to feedback any problems as you walk.

Try a great walk (PDF) around Upham.