Village Design Statement – consultation with Upham residents

VDS statements are prepared by local residents to define the character of their village in a way that is useful to the planning process. They capture local knowledge that planning officers and developers cannot be expected to have. As such they are important documents, known as supplementary planning documents, which are referred to by planning authorities when they are making planning application decisions. It is a requirement that Upham residents are consulted to ensure that the final document really represents our views. So the more responses we have the better.

A working group put together questionnaires earlier this year and did pilot tests. During August a large group of volunteers surveyed the village. The results of these surveys were presented at the Parish drop in meeting on October 2nd. If you weren’t able to attend the exhibition on October 2nd and/or you would like to comment please see the 5 posters presented below.

We would like to know what you think are the most important points (2 per poster) and what you think are other important considerations (3 per poster). Feel free to add other comments.

Please send your responses by the end of November to: