Using the Upham Defibrillators

Upham now has 2 fully operational Defibrillators – one sited outside of Upham Village Hall and the other one sited outside of Upham Primary School. Both are live and can be used at any time if the Ambulance Service decide that they would be helpful in an emergency situation after the 999 service has been activated.

The Defibrillator can be used when the Ambulance service decide that it is beneficial to use a Defibrillator, and when there are two people with the casualty. This is because one person needs to stay with the casualty, and the other is then able to go and get the Defibrillator. The Ambulance service will tell the caller where the nearest Defibrillator is sited and will give them a Code to get into the Cabinet. Once the Code is put into the Cabinet a box containing the Defibrillator can be taken out and then transported to the casualty ready to be used. The Defibrillator will tell you what to do and when to do it. All you will need to do is follow the instructions given until the Ambulance arrives. Once the Ambulance arrives they will take over from you. The Defibrillator will then be returned to the Cabinet.

On Monday 21st September some residents and Parish Councillors attended a Training Evening with Stephen Cartwright from the Ambulance Service at Upham Village Hall. Stephen came along with his friend “Arthur” who was not very well at all, and not breathing!

Stephen then gave a very informative Presentation and encouraged one willing volunteer to come and try and use the Defibrillator to try and get Arthur breathing again.

If you missed this Training Event and would like to know how to use a Defibrillator in an emergency then please read the step-by-step guide so that you are familiar with the way in which the Defibrillator works. It is always better to be prepared! We all hope that we never have to use the Defibrillator, but we would be so pleased if we had an idea of what to do if the situation ever arose. There is also a video below which can be watched – Don’t Delay – Watch Today!

An overview of the iPAD SP1 AED (Automated External Defibrillator) from IPADAED on Vimeo.