Upham Village Shop Survey

With the closure of the Upham Village shop and no sign currently of anyone coming forward to take it over,  a group of concerned villagers have got together to see whether there is sufficient interest and funding to consider a Community Shop for the village.

As a first stage in this process, we are interested in finding out, from both residents of the village and those who visit the village regularly, what would make them use a shop.  We started this at the Church Fete and have also sent out a questionnaire to all the parents at the school but would really like to extend this to everyone in the village.

Please Note: Entries for this questionnaire are now closed.  Thank you to everyone that gave us feedback.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on the email addresses below

Thank-you for helping us with this project,

Ashley Dukes ( ashley@greenhillevents.co.uk )
Nicola Hill ( hill.widlers@btconnect.com )
Sarah Le May (lemay@btinternet.com )