Upham Update – November 2017

The November 2017 issue of the Upham Update (PDF) is out. The update is the work of the Communications Group and is part of their strategy to improve communication in the village. The aim is to produce updates every two months, initially distributed on paper but moving towards online publication via email and this website.

The group welcomes feedback and are looking for contributions for their next update. Use this opportunity to share something with your fellow villagers. Offers of sponsorship from local businesses to cover the costs of future editions is welcome.

The Communications Group propose to act as a Hub facilitating the flow of information throughout the village. This includes noticeboards, flyers, this website, the Facebook page and of course, the Upham Update.

Please email commshub@uphamvillage.org.uk with any feedback or contributions.

Members of the Communication Group are Mike Elliott (Hub Coordinator), Jane Brown (Distribution), Cyn Kimble and Chris Little (Update Editors). They would welcome new members!