Upham Pond Art

As a member of the Contemporary Group of the Quilters’s Guild, I have recently been working on a monthly challenge to make little “Journal Quilts” every month this year, see the photos for the ones I have made so far.  I chose The Year of the Pond as my theme, and have been having fun with them; as each one is so small ( 8×10″), they are quite quick to make.

I have been thinking that others could join in the fun, and I know there are so many talented people around.   Any medium: paint, pen, photography, poetry, clay, fabric, knit, stitch, silver, wood.   Just as long as there is a pond theme.  You don’t have to go back to January, just start from when you start, and create something to celebrate the Upham Pond.  If you want to join in with the series idea, so much the better!  You could even look out some pond art you did in the past and dust it off to join the group. I know a friend is planning some poems, and others have been taking photos…..

Let us know if you are taking part, post comments, etc, and we will keep in touch with you about getting together, virtually or in person, maybe meet up to see what we are doing, and plan a little exhibition towards the end of the year.

Contact: Jane Ashe –  860396 or email jane_ashe@yahoo.co.uk

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  1. Mo on

    These are stunning Jane – really beautiful and quite inspiring! I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

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