Upham Bandits Youth Club

Members of Upham Bandits Youth Club celebrate after receiving a donation of £500 from members of the Harvest Supper Fund Raising Committee.  The Committee recently held a Flower and Produce Show followed by a Harvest Supper and Dance in a marquee in the Churchyard and raised an amazing £2720.  They would like to thank everyone who contributed so generously.

A further donation will be made to the Church of the Blessed Mary, Upham

Upham Bandits Youth Club is open to all 9-14 year olds who either live within the village or attend Upham Primary School.

They meet every Friday evening between 7 and 9pm at the Village Hall for a structured programme of sports, crafts, quizzes etc and once a month there is an outing to an activity in the local area.

The club represents a much needed safe environment where children can experience some independence and meet up with old friends from primary school days and make new friends- not forgetting to have fun.