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Upacc Less Waste Subgroup (Chair: Jane Ashe)

Jane Ashe, Cyn Kimble, Jane Perrott and Tilly Attrill 

Garden Waste Ideas

Jane Ashe writes…

For ideas about recycling garden waste, click on the link below.

Recycling Details

Here are two tables with details about recycling. Why not print them out and stick them on your fridge?

One word of caution, I have recently had to be persistent in Waitrose (Locks Heath) to give a member of staff my fat bag of “soft plastics”, including pet food pouches, because

a) their soft plastic bin is small and has a tiny entrance slot for posting single, empty carrier bags and

b) the staff took some convincing that pet food pouches were included on the list (which they are). It all ended happily but be prepared to stand up for yourself and be a Recycling Champion!

We hope to do regular updates and extensions on recycling, both here and eventually through other village media, along with finding out more about repairing locally, and sharing answers to food waste. We want you to tell us about any information which you think we should be discussing and sharing, about recycling, ways of repurposing, repairing, refilling or sharing our stuff that might otherwise go to Waste.

If there is any way you can help us, please contact: janeashe42@yahoo.co.uk

Clothing bin in the Village Hall car park

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance have provided aclothing bin in the Village Hall car park. The bin is sited just inside the main gate and is easy to access!