About Upham

Upham Action on Climate Crisis (UpACC)

The UpACC project was initiated following a ‘Climate Café’ meeting, organised by the Parish Council, held on the 4th February 2023.

Attendees moved round five different table discussions: waste, food, biodiversity, energy and travel. Many interesting and exciting ideas were generated.

Following the Climate Café in early March we held the inaugural meeting of UpACC chaired by Simon Beloe. We formed some working groups around early action ideas:

Communications: Nick Harris – nick@nsta.me.uk or 07824 624461.  

Initial task to come up with a brief for sharing info, put this into action, then forming detailed brief for future ‘UpApp’.

Funding: Attended an upcoming event in Winchester about options available.

Energy: Mark Orr – markjorr@gmail.com or 01489 860258. 

Consider use of Thermal imaging camera.  Encourage lobbying of MP re community Energy Scheme. Think about the possibility of a local community energy scheme.

Less Waste:  Jane Ashe – janeashe42@yahoo.co.uk or 01498860396.  

Put together information on current recycling facilities and circulate via Upham Update.  Consider food waste, further recycling opportunities, repair shop

Biodiversity: Holly Woodhollywood68@btinternet.com or 07846 184569.

Consider planting more wildflower verges, a front gardens event. Tree and hedge planting.

Travel and Transport: Gwyn Halsall – gwynhalsall@yahoo.co.uk or 01489 860258.  

Organise an EV-ent at the rec, EV cars and bikes, incl. bike shop from Shawford. Liaise with BW re cycle paths, & Winchester + BW re possible charging points. 

There’s lots to do so if you’d like to get involved please contact Simon Beloe – simonbeloe@btinternet.com or 01489 860258 or approach one of the working group leaders directly.