Two Gentlemen of Verona, 15th June

Two Gentlemen of Verona

Two Gentlemen of Verona

by William Shakespeare, performed by Bristol’s renowned company, Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory

2:30pm Matinee, 15th June

Theatre Royal Winchester in association with the Hampshire County Council is to pilot a new scheme to enable access to theatre for older members of the wider, rural community. The scheme will be designed to encourage those living in the outskirts of rural Winchester to come to the theatre, by providing a special bus service included in the price of the ticket.

£17 (includes bus transport from Upham)

For the price of a theatre ticket, audiences will be taken to and from the theatre by bus. The buses will be run by Winchester Area Community Action and a talk about the show will be delivered by a theatre professional on the journey to the theatre, to enhance the audience’s enjoyment and understanding of the performance.

For more information or to arrange a trip contact the theatre box office on 01962 840440 and book a Theatre Bus ticket, and leaving your name and collection point) or check the website

One comment on “Two Gentlemen of Verona, 15th June

  1. Jane Ashe on

    This advert does not make it clear where the production is taking place! I presume probably not in a tobacco factory. Having read it again, i see that it may be in the Theatre Royal itself, although when i first read it i thought the theatre was coming to the peolpe. It seems there are buses collecting people from “the outskirts of rural Winchester” whatever that means. And only older members of the community, I see. Older than what? Why not younger ones? They may also a) be interested in Shakespeare and b) not drive, being under driving age or not affording the insurance costs of young drivers. Or families? These other groups will certainly not want to come now it has been advertised as for older people.

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