Survey on Annual Budget Precept

Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones is urging residents to share their views in the annual police budget precept consultation.

The Government is giving Police and Crime Commissioners the flexibility to increase the policing precept of the council tax in 2022 by £10 per year (based on a Band D property), to fund the increasing demands on policing. For Band D properties this would be an increase of 83p per month and for Band B properties, this would be an increase of 65p per month or £7.77 per year (an increase of 4.4%).

With over 60% of council taxpayers in the Hampshire Constabulary policing area living in properties that are Band A-C the majority of people would see an increase of less than £10 a year.

The Commissioner is asking local residents to complete an online survey and/or to sign up to a focus group to ensure they have their say: