Sheep attacked by dog in Upham

From the Neighbourhood Watch team:

Early on the afternoon of Wednesday 10th February six ewe lambs at Newlyns Farmhouse were attacked by a dog which, it is thought, accessed the field by jumping over the fence from the Recreation Ground.   One of the ewes suffered a deep bite on her face.  She received first aid and an antibiotic injection.  It is hoped she will recover, but she will however be badly scarred.

The owner of Newlyns Farmhouse heard a commotion and went out to see two women shouting ‘Oscar’ at a large dog in an effort to call it away from the sheep.   They shouted sorry and left. The Police have been informed – any information on the owners of the dog would be appreciated – click here to email.

This nasty incident reinforces the necessity for dog owners to keep their dogs on a lead when sheep are around.