Rental Property Required

Please find below a request received for a rental property in Upham.

I am looking to rent a property in your beautiful parish. I understand that what I am looking for may be out of the ordinary but I am hoping that by getting my name out there I may be though of if such a property arises.

I would like a property (flat, cottage, studio flat etc) which has all-inclusive bills and is reasonably away from main roads as I have two cats. I know that a lot of private landlords are put off by having cats but I can assure them that I am very house-proud and my cats are very clean and flea-free. Unfortunately my budget is not huge, but I am happy to house sit, look after animals, clean or garden if that helps with costs. At 27 years old, I have lived on my own for many years and can get relevant references.

Many thanks for your help