For those of us who were there on Saturday I hope watching the 25 plus children enthusiastically planting up 100s of daffs and then settling rapt to listen to the storytelling, will have capped the whole years work off perfectly for you, with a sense of a mission well accomplished.

Once again many thanks for all the help all you have given in your various ways on the pond, whether cutting and moving wood, shifting mud or providing cake, bacon butties and the rest of life’s essentials.

Cyn’s prayer, which was said on Sunday to bless the works before the church service, certainly captures the spirit of what we have all achieved together!

We give you thanks for the beauty and peace of our village and its surroundings and especially today for our Duckpond with all its plants and its wildlife. Thank you for all the opportunities it gives us for relaxation and contemplation – and for the opportunity it has given the community to work together to restore and care for it.We are thankful for all the members of the community who have given of their time and talents to work so hard on all the different aspects of the project and for the joy of working together.

 Such a variety of individual talents and skills have contributed to this restoration. We all give thanks to you, God, for the talents you have given us. Please help us to value them and use them wisely and well.

We have had so much fun working together on this project – diging in the mud, clearing vegetation, eating bacon butties and cake, planting bulbs, watching inquisitive dragonflies and angry ducks! Thank you for all the community fellowship, fun and friendship we have enjoyed. We pray that our pond will be a source of enjoyment for all who visit it now and in the years to come.

We hope as many as possible of you can come to a spring gathering to see the pond in all its glory when the planting has settled in and the daffs are out.  Until then, put your feet up!