Parish Priorities Statement


The South Downs National Park Authority is currently undertaking a review of its Local Plan – this is the Park’s own document which sets out the planning and regulatory framework for all future development in the area.  All parish councils have been asked to submit a summary of their local community’s needs and prevailing views, looking ahead some 15 years, to inform and influence the Local Plan. This summary is called a Parish Priority Statement (PPS).

The PPS will include ideas and suggestions for a wide range of subject headings including the development and management of land, homes, and the natural environment, amongst others.

Upham Parish Council will be putting this statement together – but we must have your input and of each person (young and old) living, working and visiting in the Parish.  The key to this is finding out what your vision, needs and suggestions are.  So please tell us by filling in the survey form – either in full or just the parts you are particularly interested in. Forms are available as follows;

You may:-

  1. Access the survey form via Upham Village website in the News section. You can download the form in word. Complete and return the form to Anne Collins our Parish Clerk
  2. We will email a link to the form via commshub also to be returned by email to the Parish Clerk.
  3. OR pick up a hard copy of the form (and extra forms if needed for other members of your household!) at the Brushmakers, The Alma or the Church.

Hard copy of forms can be returned to the following councillors

David Ashe Penhale Cottage, Shoe Lane

Barry Knights, Popes Far, Popes Lane

Gwyn Halsall, 3 Widlers Lane

There will be an Open Day in Upham Village Hall during November where you can ask for more information about Parish Priority Statements and the survey form.  

Please return your forms by the end of November.

Our schedule is as follows: October and November consultation with you, December put a draft together based on your feedback. January 24 Approve form at our Parish Council meeting on January 22nd and then submit to the South Downs National Park.  February 24 The completed document will be published through our village communication channels (Upham Update, commshub and the website)