Our Village, Our Voice Questionnaires are here!

To find out what features, local characteristics, facilities and services are valued by people in the village, and to identify local problems and issues which need to be tackled we have put together two questionnaires. A member of the steering group will be delivering hard copies to every house in the village during September and October.

YOU can access the questionnaires by these links:

Individual questionnaire

Household questionnaire

 The questionnaires can be filled in either on paper, or online.

It would be very helpful if you could use the internet route, as this will save us considerable (voluntary) effort, as well as the cost of postage.

If you choose to fill in the questionnaires on paper, that will be fine. They will be delivered to you soon. When they are all complete, please seal them in the envelope provided then either post them in any normal letterbox to use the FREEPOST facility, or take them to the Village Post Office during normal opening hours, where they can be deposited without incurring any costs to the Steering Group.  Alternatively you might make an arrangement with the person who delivered the questionnaires for to have them collected from your door.

The Household questionnaire

The Household questionnaire is quite short, and should only take a few minutes to fill in, on paper or online.

The individual questionnaire

The individual questionnaire is rather longer.  We think that it will take 30 minutes or more to fill in, although no doubt some people will manage to be quicker than that.  Whilst we recognise that this is a big time commitment for many people, we hope that you will agree that the survey will be to the benefit of the Village, and is a worthwhile use of your time.

You can fill it in in more than one session.  Provided that you use the same computer, you can log out and return several times, and the system will always take you back to the point where you left off.   (This could be a problem if more than one person tried to fill in the questionnaire at the same time, so please make sure that each individual completes the questionnaire in consecutive sessions.)

You will only be allowed to fill in one household questionnaire, but each individual in your household will be allowed to complete their own questionnaire.

We ask for your name and address, especially your PostCode.  This is in part so that we can analyse the data by which part of the village you live in, but also so that we can be clear that only eligible people have filled in the survey.  If we cannot be sure that you are a bona fide resident of Upham, we may not be able to use your responses in preparing our report.

The sooner you can return your questionnaires the better, but please try to respond as quickly as you can.  Once we publish the analysis, in a couple of month’s time, we will not be able to accept any more entries.

If you have any problems with any of the above, please contact upham.ourvillageourvoice@yahoo.co.uk or John Edwards, Steering group chair on 01489 860873.


Thank you for your help.

The information gathered from analysing these questionnaires will enable us to create an action plan which makes clear how we want our community to develop in the future and details how we can achieve this vision.

We can’t emphasise too much how important it is that as many people as possible complete this questionnaire so that the outcome (the action plan) really represents our views.