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ID required to vote

Follow the link below for details on photo ID needed to vote in elections.

SDNP Community Infrastructure Levy

Anne Collins (Clerk) posted the following. Click here for a pdf of the Annual Monitoring Return for Upham Parish Council.

Tony Senger’s Funeral

The funeral of Tony Senger, former publican of the Woodman Inn, will be on Thursday, 12th January at 13.45 at Wessex Vale Crematorium.

Be a Hampshire Eco-Elf

Some eco advice from Hampshire County Council – click on the link below. Be a Hampshire eco-elf this Christmas – reduce, reuse, upcycle and recycle | Hampshire County Council (

Notification of Public Consultation on the Regulation 18 draft Local Plan 2039

I am writing to inform you that the Regulation 18 Draft Local Plan will be open for public consultation for a period of 6 weeks from 2nd of November until 23:59 hours on 14th of December.  Please click here to view the consultation documents and respond to the consultation.  The consultation welcomes views on the key issues of the Local Plan, and we want...

World War 2 Exhibition

The World War 2 Exhibition was held at Upham Village Hall on the 7-8 May 2022 What a fantastic show! Following the success of the WW1 exhibition held in 2018, the organisers of this exhibition pulled all the stops out for this fascinating, extremely well attended follow-up. Packed full of stories of local wartime, I...

Upham Players hit the Boards again!

Leaving Lockdown Fri 2nd and Sat 3rd December Upham Players are excited to be back on action this December with a production which, rather appropriately, focusses on ‘Leaving Lockdown’. For more details, click on the ‘Players’ tab, but meanwhile why not put a date in you diary to support your local drama group?