Eastleigh Local Plan Proposals

You may be aware that Eastleigh has recently published a Consultations and Options Document opening a discussion about their plans for development for the next 20 years. For details see Eastleigh Borough Council

The document identifies housing demand over this period of between 14,000 and 20,000 properties.  They believe that sites for 10,000 of these properties can be met from existing planning permissions and what they describe as “windfall brownfield sites”; however, this would still leave between 4,000 and 10,000 dwellings to be constructed in areas which are proposed under this plan.

Two of the 8 possible areas identified in the document  (Option B and Option C) are between Upham and Fair Oak and it is suggested that these could together generate over 6,000 new dwellings. Plans showing these are attached.  Option C is particularly close to Upham as it extends over the Winchester Road and almost to the top of Mortimer’s Lane. There is also another option (Option A) which comprises a number of smaller sites throughout the Borough, including other areas around Mortimer’s Lane.

Clearly, any development of this size would have a major impact on Upham and the Parish Council is concerned that residents in the village should be aware of these proposals and the right of everyone to make representations to Eastleigh Borough Council.  Even if your home is not at the Fair Oak end of the village, were these options to be chosen, there would still be issues that would affect all residents.  To give an idea of some of these issues, we attach the conclusions  from the Village Meeting last Monday .

The comments from the Village Meeting will be used as a basis for the Parish Council’s response to Eastleigh Borough Council.

Comments on Option A

Comments on Option B

Comments on Option C

However, individual responses to the plan (positive or negative), can still be made, either online or by post: the details are on the Development Plan Information Sheet.

The deadline for receiving comments is February 17th 2016 at 5pm We have also included a paper setting out some of the areas that you may like to consider. Wherever possible, your comments should be framed as answers to specific questions in the Consultations and Options document .

If you would like your name to be added to an email list to be informed of any further developments in Upham arising from these proposals, please send an email to the Parish Clerk on uphampc@homecall.co.uk