How to register for Affordable Housing in Upham

As you most probably are already aware Upham Parish Council has been working hard to try and achieve some affordable housing in the new Torbay Farm development in Sciviers Lane, Upham. Outline Planning Permission has now been approved.

Within the new development we have 8 affordable homes – 2 will be shared ownership and 6 will be for rent.

Although it is early days yet it was felt that we should inform any potential tenants that they should make sure that they are on the Winchester City Council housing list (Hampshire Home Choice) so that they qualify and can be considered.

These affordable properties will be for residents who live in the parish of Upham, or have lived in Upham previously and still have close family living here, and/or work in the parish. Priority will be given to applicants who have this local connection for at least 3 years. If there is more than one applicant who meets the local connection criteria bidding for the same property, then the allocations team will offer the home to the person with the greatest housing need (shown on their band) and will then look at the length of time on the housing register. Therefore it is important that you register your interest as soon as possible.

The links to enable any resident to apply online are shown below:

These sites will explain how to register, how to bid for a property, how the properties are allocated and also there is a useful section for Frequently Asked Questions for you to view.

As the development progresses there will be more information available and an Open Event for potential tenants to attend, but Councillors feel that it is important to stress that getting your name on the Housing List now is very important if you wish to be considered. It might be too late when the houses are already built!

Anne Collins

Clerk to Upham Parish Council