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Theft from shed and cars in Upham

Neighbourhood Watch reports: On Sunday night (30th May) a resident in Upham Street was woken by his dogs barking, to see 4 men running away down his drive. Shed broken into and several boxes were opened and stuff was strewn around 2 cars close by were broken into – seemingly by remote access. Please be aware lock sheds...

Sheep attacked by dog in Upham

From the Neighbourhood Watch team: Early on the afternoon of Wednesday 10th February six ewe lambs at Newlyns Farmhouse were attacked by a dog which, it is thought, accessed the field by jumping over the fence from the Recreation Ground.   One of the ewes suffered a deep bite on her face.  She received first aid and...

Vaccine scam

Neighbourhood Watch alert you to the following vaccine scam.

Neighbourhood Watch News

Hampshire Constabulary’s Cyber Crime Team are issuing warning after 15 year old girl’s Snapchat account was hacked. The criminals have used the victim’s account to send messages to her contacts and friends – encouraging them to harm themselves.They have then demanded money from the victim so she can regain control of the account. Detective Inspector...