Broadband Update

According to the County Council they have started the formal tender process to appoint a commercial partner. The successful company will implement Hampshire’s programme to bring faster broadband to areas of the county that will not be upgraded by the commercial market. An appointment is likely to be made in February/March 2013 and work will start on delivering faster broadband services in the summer of 2013.

We’re still waiting to hear if this definitely includes Upham.

Broadband sign up campaign remains vital 

We want as many people as possible to sign up to our campaign so that we can demonstrate to the commercial partner that wins our tender that there are plenty of potential customers who want to make use of this service. Evidence of high demand will help the programme funding go further, increasing the number of locations we are able to reach with the limited funding available.

If you haven’t added your name to the campaign, please do it today!


2 comments on “Broadband Update

  1. Keith Dalley on

    To whom it concerns

    I have mentioed this to the Council but wish to further highlight my research to those concerned. I should point out that my number one interest is to gain fast internet. My house utilises a number of gadgets that are dependent on the internet. As we are aware the internet speed in our village is crap.

    I have contacted BT who as first stated that they were shocked that Upham did not have fibre optic internet as BW and Fairoak have. After some discussion I established that our Exchange is at Durley and that there are no plans at all to introduce fibre optic links.

    The implecation made was that the two communities were not showing enough interest for an upgrade. However after further investigation I have establsihed that several other servers had shown interest in providing fast internet but that the Durley Exchange could not cater for this upgrade. It would seem that the reality of the situation is that the Durley Exchane requires substantial modernisation before a fibre optic upgrade can even be thought of and BT are just not willing to make the investment.

    Perhaps our MP should be mader aware of the situation that BT are giving the excuse that we are in the 10% that will not be covered.

    Meantime, I have been made aware that the Village School has Virgin Fast Internet that was sponsored by the Government. There is therefore an option to tap into this fibre optic link, although unfortunately this would make us all dependent on a Virgin service.

    I would be very interested in diuscussing this matter further with other interested parties in the village.

    Best regards Keith

  2. Gwyn Halsall on

    Hi Keith
    I know that you are coming to the Village Plan launch meeting on Saurday 9th March at 11.30 at the Village Hall. Amongst other things slow broadband speed in the village will be discussed.

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